New Found-ness

Happy almost December!

A number of amazing events have happened since my last blog. The biggest one being that…. I mean, no big deal or anything but…..


I’m not jumping out of my seat and doing a little dance if that’s what you are thinking…. *sarcasm alert*

Another cool thing that has happened is that I have grown in my public speaking skills. I was in a way forced to but I am glad I have grown in confidence instead of fear. Public speaking was one thing that terrified me of being a missionary or any church leadership roles. I realized I had a fear when I took a preaching class in the fall of my junior year at MVNU. Once I got so nervous about speaking that after I gave a sermon to my class, I snuck off to the bathroom and cried! This was after I gave the sermon!

<<I can confidently say that no tears were shed before or after I spoke to multiple churches this month. A Christmas miracle has come early!>>

I have also grown in partnerships which is so humbling! There are people that believe in what God is doing through me in my calling to be a missionary. Like, what?? I have known this always to be true but now that I am actively in my calling going somewhere, friends, family, professors, and even churches, are choosing to be a part of my calling. That’s pretty cool.

I have also created a group on Facebook for those who want to see photos of my time in Zagreb, get updates, and post privately to me or others in the group about the ministry in Zagreb. You can go to it here and ask to join.

God is remaining faithful and in that, is totally kicking my butt in gear. There is a list of about a million things to do before I leave (or feels like it anyway!) yet, God is helping me to find peace. God is surrounding me with peaceful people in this journey as well. I am thankful for them and their words.

Through a visit to MVNU, I met with many professors and friends who had been alongside me as I figured 365M to be my next step. I loved every minute of that day and will be one I remember always. However, one person, who was never actually my professor even, said to me these words:

Sometimes, it is better to be found.

This is in context to how I feel about wanting to be a missionary. It has never been a specific calling which has had its downfalls and has often felt like a “lack of direction.” This professor explained to me how sometimes, our directions in life find us – in the context of pursuing God. My passions, my desires, my calling, my adventures… I never sought them out but God had them find me. Zagreb, Croatia is an adventure I can add to the list of things that have found me. Although being found does not mean “easy” or “simple” and it is not always predictable.

I am still figuring out this new “found-ness.”

Readers, I ask, what does being “found” mean for you?

God, you are holy and you are Good. You remain faithful and I thank you. I love you.

Peace and blessings,


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